Microblading is a cosmetic procedure used to create semi-permanent natural looking eyebrows.

A manual tool and blade is used to deposit small amounts of selected colour pigment into the upper epidermal layer of the skin.
The blade is made up of thin disposable needles that create fine hair strokes that mimic the natural brow hairs.
Microblading is the perfect solution for sparse, over plucked or thinning brows!

Our team of Educators have traveled across the globe to bring South Africa the most cutting edge Microblading products and techniques available on the market!
We offer hands on support and guidance to ensure all our students achieve the highest possible standard of work.
Microblading is a specialised treatment and cannot be mastered overnight. It requires complete dedication and commitment to practise in order to perfect the technique.

Our training courses have been structured to offer a combination of online as well as practical hands on learning.
The new curriculum’s provide students with access to online course material, theory assessments, video tutorials and live webinars pre and post training.
Refresher training sessions are free of charge to ensure all students are supported and guided throughout their learning process.

Training Fee

PHASE 1 – Online Student Portal
Phase 1 makes use of our online student portal to provide learners with access to training manuals, step by step video tutorials and theory assessments.

  • Online Theory Manual
  • Training Video Tutorials
  • Online Theory Assessment
  • Online Bloodborne Pathogens Training & Certification

PHASE 2 – Live Video Session
During Phase 2, students are given the opportunity to engage with their Educator remotely and complete a series of practical based tasks.

  • Theory recap, product knowledge & Q&A
  • Microblading Health & Safety
  • The Golden Ratio & Brow Compass – Creating Perfectly Symmetrical Brows
  • Brow Spines, Brow Zones and Stroke Placement
  • Perfection of Brow Strokes on Artificial Skin

PHASE 3 – Practical Training 
Students will put their new skills to test under supervision of their Educator.

  • Assessment of Artificial Skin Homework
  • Full Shaping and Blading demo on a model performed by the Educator
  • Full Shaping and Blading procedure performed on 2 live models (students)

PHASE 4 – Case Studies & Certification
Students will be assigned practical case studies and a final assessment to complete their certification.

  • Practise makes perfect! Students will be required to complete 10 Microblading procedures on models of their choice.
  • Once the case study submissions have been assessed and marked, students will be booked in for their final practical assessment.

Kit Fee

This comprehensive kit contains everything you need to get started on your microblading journey, and enough product to perform 30+ treatments!

Microblading Kit
5 organic colour pigments
2 Hand Tools
30 Blades
Numbing Cream
Topical Anaesthetic
Practise skins
Brow Compass
Brow Ruler
Brow Pencil
Pencil Blade
Surgical Marker
Brow Razors
30 Pigment Rings
30 Pigment Cups
30 Lint Free Applicators
30 Microfibre Wands
30 Brow Wands
Isopropyl Alcohol
Face Masks
Hair Nets
Nitrile Gloves
Cotton Wool Pack
Aftercare Ointment
Consultation Cards
Aftercare Cards

Cost per Treatment

Cost Per Treatment R115
Recommended Charge per treatment R1500
Training Kit Potential Revenue (30) R45,000
Less Cost per Treatment (30) R3450

Click here for a full product cost per treatment breakdown.

Pricing Combo’s

  • Microblading Full Training + Microblading Kit
  • Microblading & Microshading Full Training + Blading & Shading Combo Kit
  • R13,000
  • R16,800

Enrol for more than one course and save!
The below combo discounts apply to training fees only – kits are charged separately.

  • Microblading & Microshading Training
  • Microblading & Classic Lash Training
  • Microblading & Volume Lash Training
  • Microblading & Threading Training
  • Microblading & Lash Lift Training
  • Microblading & Tinting Training
  • Microblading & Brow Lamination
  • R10,000 (R1000 Saving)
  • R9700 (R1000 Saving)
  • R9700 (R1000 Saving)
  • R9400 (R1000 Saving)
  • R8100 (R500 Saving)
  • R8100 (R500 Saving)
  • R8100 (R500 Saving)

Payment Options

The Lash Collection Academy offers a number of secure payment facilities to suit every student’s budget and preference.

Option 1: EFT
Option 2: Credit Card
Option 3: MobiCred Installments

MobiCred Installments

If you would like to take advantage of the opportunity to train now and pay your fees off in monthly installment’s, follow the 3 easy steps below.

Step 1: Open an account with Mobicred here
Step 2: Complete our online booking form here
Step 3: Follow the steps and select ‘Mobicred’ as your payment option.


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